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Tropical Forrest

We are a bunch of misled young men who found our calling in the hospitality sector after over two decades of experience in various aspects of the industry. We dared to dream a dream of Swiss snow-clad peaks with a French Riviera running through it in the midst of Scottish farms. But God had other plans and bequeathed us with His own country.We gave him our word. To preserve. To uphold. To save His garden from the atrocities you commit in your urbane living! Born in God’s own Country, we know what it’s like to play in the arms of nature. So to give concrete jungle creatures like yourself a sniff of the real deal we came up with Tropical Forrest.

Like all pompous and self-indulgent businessmen we plan to expand; expand aggressively locally and globally, so we can be multi-gazillionaires. We don’t want the gazillions (obviously not); we just want the money to save the planet.

Reasons to spend the weekend with us:

The Swiss Alps aren’t in Wayanad
You don’t have the financial backing at the moment to go snorkeling in Lakshadweep.

Your spouse has taken to a whole new level of nagging
You dont want to take her out anywhere for the next few months.

You need a break from your boss
You don’t want to be spotted vacationing in your city while on medical leave.

You don’t have a happening night-life in your city
You don’t have a life.

Someone told you Tropical Forrest is a fabulous getaway
You want to wake up to the real sounds of nature, and not to the barking of your neighbor’s dog.

You are sick of the civilized man
Your mom-in-law said she was coming over.

You don’t need one
You will never need one.


King Delux
If you don’t want to fight battles while on a holiday, we suggest you pitch tent in our King Delux rooms that are more down-to-earth, with sophistic furnishings and an airy deck that commands a breathtaking view of the battle and the hills!

Queens Delux
If you’re boss makes the money for the work you do s u prefer taking a walk to see around the place, you’d be pleased with the Queens Delux rooms that have all the amenities of the deluxe rooms sans the deck

Silver Delux
If your’e looking for compact living without the exaggerations and simplicity appeals to you, the Silver Delux rooms are perfect for you. But for the deck, the rooms come with basic amenities without the trumpet.


Your cozy little abode. An aesthetically designed independent villa with two deluxe rooms and a breathtaking view. Perfect for a mid-sized family. No need to cower for space anymore.

Exclusive and independent, that’s Valluvanad for you. Three elegantly furnished silver rooms, one with a separate entrance for the added element of privacy. It’s apt for a group of six to eight people.

If space is your mantra, Venad is the right pad for you. With four spacious and well-furnished rooms to choose from and a deck with a mind-blowing view, you will find it a little too comfortable and relaxing. The four rooms will consist of two deluxe and two bronze rooms. Totally exclusive and private. All the villas have a separate kitchen facility if you wish to whip up some of your culinary expertise or partner-up with our chef to dish out with innovative recipes.

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