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Edakkal Hermitage

One of the principal motives behind the conception of the Edakkal Hermitage was to call upon world wide attention to the significance and the value of the heritage that we as a nation have inherited in the form of pre historic etchings at the Edakkal Rock Shelters. Although certified by many a prominent historian as being unique world wide to these terrains and as the ‘richest pictographic gallery of its kind’, the academic interest that was generated was relatively mute and limited. Ever since the Edakkal Hermitage was established as a base camp, the interest in these rock shelters has risen to a great extent with an exponential increase in the visitor numbers. This also rejuvenated an interest amongst even the locals on the shelters, many of whom have found alternative employment catering to the needs of the increased number of visitors. However the quest towards attaining an ultimate world heritage status and an enhancement in terms of the quality of the visit for the traveller still continues and the promoters are striving towards it.

Contour Dakshin

Edakkal Hermitage was conceived and is managed by the architectural partnership concern Contour Dakshin. As a basic principal, Contour Dakshin is committed to the conception and implementation of a design strategy that is sustainable in essence and respects vernacular traditions. The promoters have adhered to the same during the establishment of the Edakkal Hermitage too.

The promoters are one of the founding members and active players in the Wayanad Tourism Organisation which is a conglomerate of stake holders within the tourism industry in Wayanad, established to bring about a responsible, controlled and sustainable form of tourism in the district.

Any one who visits Edakkal Hermitage, besides having had a good holiday experience, can go back with a proud feeling that they have been able to contribute to the general well being of the populace and environment of the district on the whole. The promoters do try and adhere to the Kerala model of development in general which combines ordinary people and ordinary materials and resources available no further than the local village to create an extraordinary global product.

Their cottages & tree house are named after various Paleolithic caves sites of repute from around the world

EDAKKAL – 1 bedroom cottage

ALTAMIRA – 1 bedroom cottage

LASCAUX – 1 bedroom cottage

CHAUVET – 1 bedroom cottage

KAPOVA – 1 bedroom cottage

KAPOVA – 2 bedroom cottage

TREE HOUSE – 1 bedroom

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  • Cave_dinner_1_fs
  • Chauvet__interior_fs
  • cott_edakkal
  • edakkal_cave_view_from_the_resort_fs
  • lascaux

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